Technical Management

As the first full digital Shipmanagement company in Germany with a comprehensively cloud first approach, we have set new standards in digitalization of Shipmanagement, system integration and collaboration with external partners.

We offer the full scope of traditional Shipmanagement with the extra of full live data analyses, combined with live custom-tailored reports and we offer you full transparency.

Customer required KPI or other reports will be created during the contract starting phase, once they are designed and shaped to owner’s needs, these reports are available with a live access. No more need for meetings or phone conversations on the monthly report date. You have it either in your mobile device or desktop computer, whenever you feel to have a look or a check on opex figures.

With the fully integrated Cloud Fleet Manager of Hanseaticsoft we are able to keep a lean shore setup, keeping our cost down and being able to provide our customers with all necessary information in a glance. As shipping is 365/24/7 our employees can access and work from every point of the world, giving them the opportunity to have the comfort of their own homes while supporting the vessels whenever necessary.

Innovation: As a development partner of Hanseaticsoft we are the first to unleash new features and constant development.
Innovation: We do not stop here and KeepMoving forward, many new opportunities are upcoming and will be implemented into our Shipmanagement of the future. AR is coming up and we look forward to integrate it into our daily operations

Our goal is to keep us ahead of the competitors.

Engine Repairs

Engine repairs is one of our core competencies. With our 25 years expertise in engine repairs worldwide we provide high quality and short reaction times to our crews.

Dry Docking

With our strong cooperation in the Mediterranean sea area we are able to provide cost and time efficient dockings. We are also able to agree on very long payment terms of up to 1 year, giving you the room to plan the liquidity flow if required.


PT Shipmanagement is able to provide you with low cost and high quality spares for your vessel.

Engine Repairs

The engine room is the heart of your vessel, with more than 25 year’s experience in engine repairs worldwide we take care that it is always in good condition.

Having in depth knowledge in house, we are able to solve many issues instantly without external help. This keeps the costs low and provides knowledge sharing with the crew.


In best case scenarios we do provide swing set kits for aux engine overhauls, these are pre-configured sets of spares which are just exchanged with the used ones. Giving the lowest possible downtime on available engine power.

We do also provide the possibility of condition based maintenance as well as preventive maintenance.


Our highest priority is the asset value of your vessels and its preservation. We provide full transparency with open books.

Fleetmanager Cloud

Where is your vessel? Which repairs, and costs are upcoming? Who is on board? How is the schedule? What has been purchased and delivered? Questions you often ask and often also wait for response? With the Cloud Fleet Manager we are able to answer you these instantly. Or you just check for yourself when it is convenient for you with the external access. All in real time.

Dry Docking

With our strong cooperation in med sea area we are able to provide cost and time efficient dockings. With our exclusive rights we can guarantee dock space when required. We are also able to agree on very long payment terms of up to 1 year, giving you the room to plan the liquidity flow if required.

With this set up we are also able to provide riding teams of professionals taking care of journey repairs where necessary.