PTS uses state of the art cloud based reporting tools to provide you with the maximum of transparency and information of your vessels.

In real time our costumers have access to the following:

1. Partner Portal

Fleet overview, current positions, contact data, event report including fuel consumptions and cargo carried, charter contracts and payments received, budgets and many more.

2. Crewing

Complete crew lists with details of planning and references, performance reports and many more.

3. Inspection report

Current status of the vessels condition, including pictures, corrective actions and many other features. We are able to show you trends over time in the condition development of your asset, enabling us to react before something goes wrong.

4. Disturbance alarm

Precise reporting of current issues on board which require assistance. All details are available in the cloud which makes sharing and follow up easy, the system works without emails and provides as secured follow up and full transparency. The ability to plan possible repairs into the dry dock job section is also included.

5. News

All the news you require to stay up to date with your fleet.

6. Finance reporting

With our cloud based systems we have achieved the flawless integration of financial and technical reporting. We are able to provide whatever your request is, once the report is created you will be able to see the data developing live with refreshment rates of 15 minutes. Whenever, wherever you need it. Your satisfaction is our success…